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Whipped feta shortcrust tartlets with strawberry & pistachio

It’s hard to believe it’s almost Christmas as it’s currently 30°C outside here in Melbourne. It’s the first time I’ll be spending Christmas in a sunny country – and away from my family – and although I’m looking forward to having a barbecue on Christmas for the first time ever, I still find it all so weird to see Christmas decorations everywhere (including a giant blow-up snowman a few houses down). Today’s recipe is the last one I made back at home, and it’s a great one to cook for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party: whipped feta shortcrust tartlets, with strawberry & pistachio. Continue Reading…

Sausage rolls with cheese

Sausage rolls have always been one of my favourite snacks, ever since I was a kid. Once I learned how easy it is to make them yourself, I only ended up loving them even more as it became so easy to add all these amazing flavours. I’ve previously made a few versions already, for example one with black pudding, apple and cranberry but also plain pork sausage rolls and pork, cranberry and red onion sausage rolls. This time though, I’m going with cheese! Continue Reading…

Chocolate tartlets

These yummy chocolate tartlets are just the Tuesday Treat for me. I loooooove chocolate, especially when it’s combined with red fruits and blueberries. I made these when I got invited to dinner over at my cousin’s place and used some dough that I had left over from another tartlet recipe that I’ve made (but haven’t posted yet). It’s actually quite easy to make, the only tricky thing is trying to get your pie base even. But, at the same time, it’s not that crucial either of course. As long as the pastry isn’t too thin so that if alls to pieces when you take it out of the shells you’ll be fine.

The chocolate filling only requires two ingredients: dark chocolate and cream. Using dark chocolate does mean the tartlet isn’t overly sweet. If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate you can use both dark & milk chocolate. I don’t recommend using only milk chocolate cause along with the cream and sweet base you’ll end up with something way too sweet. Continue Reading…

Amontillado sherry braised pulled boar with coleslaw & dressing

#SP This recipe is created for the 6th International Sherry Week as part of the Sherry Week Blogger Competition. As always, all opinions are my own. #sherryweekblog

As you all know, I love a good challenge! So when I got selected as a finalist for the Sherry Week Blogger Competition I was beyond excited as I have never cooked with sherry before. Now there’s many kinds of sherry, but the one I worked with was Amontillado sherry. It’s a dry, aromatic sherry with aromas of hazelnut and hints of wood. There are many ways to produce Amontillado though, so some have a paler color and sharper notes. Others have more of a nut & wood notes and a darker colour. For this recipe we’re using El Tresillo Amontillado Fino, with notes of dried fruit, old oak and toasted hazelnuts. Continue Reading…

Halloween stuffed peppers with mince and mozzarella

Happy Halloween! I’ve been wanting to make a brand new Halloween recipe this year, and only managed to come around to it this morning but I couldn’t be happier with the result! It’s so much fun carving out those little peppers and giving them funny faces. It’s an incredibly easy recipe, takes no time to make at all but the result is really cute and tasty – and great encouragement for kids to eat their veggies (peppers in this case but you can always add more veggies inside with the mince too of course).

I only used a handful of ingredients: peppers, mince, egg, breadcrumbs and mozzarella cheese, which melts over our mince and turns into gooey brains – amazing! You can make this recipe vegetarian as well, by changing the mince into couscous with a little bit of tomato sauce for example or with fresh veggies instead of tomato sauce.

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Parmesan fish & chips

This recipe has been created in support of #cheesecopenhagen taking place this weekend as part of the European Milk Forum’s 2019 Cheese Culture campaign which is being implemented locally in Ireland by the National Dairy Council to encourage Irish consumers to eat more quality cheese from Europe. #cheeseyourway

Growing up in Belgium, I was introduced to European cheeses from a very early age as we are quite the cheese eaters. Emmental, gruyère, brie, goats cheese, mozzarella, .. absolutely loved all of them! When I moved to Ireland then I got to discover a few more cheese – cheddar & blue cheese for example, which I only rarely used back in Belgium. There are just so many different recipes & flavour combinations you go for when using European cheese in your meals, from starters to desserts!

There’s no denying cheese is hugely popular in Ireland, not only when it comes to eating it, but also when it comes to producing it. Ireland has such a rich agricultural heritage, which results in a range of high quality traditional and artisan cheeses. In general though, Europe is responsible for 46% of cow’s milk cheese output globally. What a lot people might not know though, is that cheese comes with great health benefits too. Calcium, protein, Vitamins A, K2 and B-12, magnesium, .. are among some of them. There’s even studies that highlight a link between eating cheese and living a long and healthy life. Continue Reading…

Broccoli, spinach & pea pesto pasta shells

Today’s recipe is one that’s all about healthy Autumn vegetables: broccoli, pea & spinach pesto past shells. It’s so easy to make, you can have everything done in about 15 minutes, with barely any preparations at all; making it the ideal dinner during the week.

It’s a really healthy pesto, with some great health benefits coming from all those green vegetables: Fiber, Potassium, Folate, vitamins A, C, K, B, E, Calcium, Magnesium, .. it’s all in there and is very low in calories as well, although we do increase that by adding pasta shells of course.

It can be eaten as is, with just a few toppings like parsley, chilli pepper & parmesan, but if you’re looking to add some meat or fish: we had it with some salmon fillets cooked in the oven – another great source of protein (and low in saturated fat), and a great source of B12, potassium, iron and vitamin D.
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