Book Tip January 2018: Dingle Dinners by Trevis L. Gleason

Dingle Dinners by Trevis L. Gleason

If there's one thing I will be focusing on even more in the new year, it's Irish local and seasonal food. There is so much to offer, from locally caught fish on our shores to honey made from bees in the Golden Vale, from our freshest beef and lamb to organic fruit trees and much more. Whether you live in the East, West, North or South, each region has their…

Goat cheese, dill and blackberry jam vol au vents

Goat cheese, dill and blackberry jam vol au vents

With Christmas only two days away, I'm going to share one last recipe with you all before taking a short break during the holidays. We all know vol au vents as a main course, but you can so easily turn them into little appetizers as well. I went for a sweet version made with only 3 ingredients in the filling: blackberry jam, goat cheese and dill. Making the vol au…

Belgian Madeira Sauce with Mushrooms, Buttery Beef Fillet and Irish Boxty

Belgian Madeira Sauce with Mushrooms, Buttery Beef Fillet and Irish Boxty

Time for my last recipe from my collaboration with Kerrygold Belgium 2017! Just like last year I was challenged to create a couple of Belgian classics but add an Irish twist to them. First I made 'Halloween cupcakes with Kerrygold butter, pumpkin spices, pomegranate drops, buttercream and fondant ghosts', then 'Basil & chives potato waffles with chorizo, mascarpone and butter-honey sauce' and now for my final recipe…

Tipperary Honey & Coconut Oat Bars

Tipperary Honey & Coconut Oat Bars

I recently got this lovely jar of local Tipperary honey as a gift, and as I'm big fan of supporting local and artisan producers, I decided to make a little recipe with it. With Christmas just around the corner I would recommend anyone to go and discover some local products and to buy and shop locally. There is such a vast amount of small producers that might live around the…

Book tip December 2017: Japanese Patisserie by James Campbell

Japanese Patisserie by James Campbell

Forget about classic French patisserie, this Christmas it's all about discovering Japanese influences! Asian cuisine has become increasingly popular all over the world, so when I saw this book I just had to give it a read. Each recipe is a mix of East meets West so they are not purely Japanese desserts. Better yet, each recipe looks absolutely stunning but is very achievable for any home-cook and are guaranteed…

Easy spelt honey & herb loaf

Easy spelt honey & herb ciabatta

Step by step I'm trying out new techniques and ways of making different kinds of bread. One weekend I was really craving some bruschetta but I didn't have any ciabatta or baguettes in the house so I decided to look at some recipes and try to make my own spelt loaf. It's not quite the same as ciabatta as there are no holes in this bread, but I'll be…

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