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Book tip November 2018: Souped up

Souped up

During the warmer months I'll always make sure to have salads for my lunch as much as possible, but when those colder months hit I find myself craving warmer lunches as well so I make myself a nice homemade soup every Sunday evening, so I can enjoy some nice soup at work at the start of the week. So far I've made butternut squash & carrot soup, roasted tomato soup, white…

Irish potato and leek soup

Irish potato and leek soup

We've had another really cold spell these last few weeks here in Tipperary, with snow and ice on a few of them and today is yet another very cold day so I thought it was the perfect chance for me to share this Irish potato & leek soup recipe with you all to keep you warm throughout the weekend. As you may have seen I've been making a lot of…

Creamy Broccoli & Leek soup

Broccoli & leek soup with goat cheese

I have definitely been under the weather these last couple of days, but I managed to drag myself out of bed long enough to make a lovely belly-warming soup for myself to get me through the day. I never used to make my own soups at all but I’ve really gotten into it this last year with soups like butternut squash & carrot, spicy tomato soup, cauliflower soup and before…

Cauliflower soup with turmeric and soy cream

Cauliflower soup with turmeric and soy cream

One of my favourite vegetables to eat during the Winter has to be cauliflower. It's available all year round of course, but I personally think of it more as something you have during the colder months, but that's mostly because of the recipes I cook with it are better suited for Autumn or Winter. This will probably also be my last Winter soup recipe as well, any soups I make…

Creamy roasted butternut squash & carrot soup (dairy-free)

Creamy roasted pumpkin & carrot soup (dairy-free)

Alright here we go, my first recipe of 2017! I've had a very busy last couple of weeks in 2016, including a yearly visit to my family in Belgium for the holidays. I hadn't actually even cooked anything for those 2 weeks apart from the Christmas day appetisers so I'm only too happy to be getting back to blogging and cooking! Unlike last year there won't be many changes on…

Creamy white asparagus soup with parsley & turmeric

Creamy white asparagus soup with parsley & turmeric

Asparagus season is usually the highlight for a lot of foodies each year, and I am no different! The 'white gold' season usually runs from mid-late April until June, and during those few months a year, I try out as many asparagus recipes as I possibly can. This year I tried my very first white asparagus soup recipe ever! Though it's not that cold anymore outside, a lovely hot cup…